Next Club Meeting: Wednesday, February 24th
At Steveston Community Centre, 4111 Moncton Street, Richmond (near No.1 Rd.)

Presentation Topic:

Overview of a Grab & Go Kit by Eric Scott, VE7KLZ

Please note that it is time to renew you RARC membership. You can pay your renewal at the meeting or mail your renewal to the club’s PO Box address with payment made to the order of Richmond Amateur Radio Club.

The next Basic Qualification radio course will run from February 6 to March 19, 2016 with weekly Saturday morning classes from 9:30 to 12:30 at Richmond’s Blundell Centre. The $95 course fee includes a study guide (text book), instructors’ notes, course exam, and call sign registration with Industry Canada after passing exam. Successful students will receive the Amateur radio operator Certificate of Proficiency with Basic Qualification from Industry Canada and one year free membership with the Richmond Amateur Radio Club. Please contact Urey, VE7URE  (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for more information about the course.

Our Feb. 6th radio course is now fully enrolled. If you would like to be on the waiting list, please send us your contact info and we will notify you as soon as a last minute cancellation frees up a spot.

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Richmond Facts

Geography:     Latitude 49º 10' 59.1" N
                         Longitude 123º 8' 0.7" W

Elevation:         Averages one meter above sea level.

Area:                  50.067 square miles
                           129.666 square km
                           32,043.477 acres

Club Repeaters

VHF Repeater:

  • VE7RMD: 147.140MHz, +600kHz, 79.7Hz 

 UHF Repeater:

  • VE7RMD: 442.375MHz, +5MHz, 203.5Hz

 VHF Repeater Net:

  • Where: 147.140 MHz +600, 79.7Hz Tone
  • When:  Every Tuesday  from 1900 – 1930 hrs

The idea of forming an Amateur Radio Club in Richmond, British Columbia was conceived somewhere around the 1950s. Meetings have been held at various locations over the years including several member's homes, a barn loft, the East Richmond Community Centre, the Worker's Compensation Board Building, and finally to the current location at the Steveston Community Center.

The Richmond Amateur Radio Club is a member of the Emergency Management BC and also operates VE7GOG for the Parks Canada Gulf Of Georgia Cannery historic site. The station is equipped with HF, VHF, UHF, and packet.